Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A Modest Erectile Proposal or Run Logan Run

A question of priorities. In the last century which activities caused more harm to the American Citizenry: Islamic Terrorism or the Epidemic of Child Molestation? As far as effecting a percentage of Americans. Pedophilia personally harmed millions of Americans while Islamic Terorrism only effected thousands. 89.9% of child molestation was inflicted by white males between the ages of 30 and 60.

A Modest Proposal: Remove the prostate of all white males at the age of 30. This simple and non lethal preemption would not only eliminate 90% of child molestation in this country. It would also nearly eliminate prostate cancer. Billions would be saved in Medicare alone. The cultural problems attributed to the rampant expansion of the porn industry would also disappear. In one fell swoop or scoop in a literal sense, we would be preventing crime, curing disease and saving the soul of our nation. How could any good American not want to immediately enact such a beneficial policy? Any opponents to this policy would have to come from the pro cancer/ pro child raping/ satanic fringe of society!!

Does anyone else see the inherent evil of generalization and racial profiling here? Neo con absolutist arguments against Islam do not even carry the validity of concrete evidence which I was able to draw upon to justify the forced castration of an entire race. No one could ever indict the 19 alleged hijackers of 9-11 in a court of law. See for yourself! Nonetheless the Right wing war pigs have pushed this agenda of hate on us over and over again. Fine, you wanna base this country on policies of fear and possibility? Let's f**kin do it already. You can kill your boogey men all you want, but first we get to pancake theory your dicks. Fair is fair motherfuck... err... well, cant you call you that anymore since you'll be unable, "Danger"! OK then... Fair is fair ,limpies. As you said, "we must destroy it before it destroys us!" New slogan, "Kill their erections in the next elections!"
It sells itself, doesn't it">


Anonymous said...

I like "Run, Logan, Run" as a title. More people watch sci fi than have ever read Swift.

joloco said...

Fabulous, you have quite a way with satire. I will return.