Thursday, December 01, 2005

It Was Requested and It Wasn't Freebird

Ok, so about 5 or 6 weeks ago I put out a little Jesus flash vid called the Cross. It seems to be a hit. I keep getting it sent to me by friends. "Have you seen this sh*t?" Why yes, I have, but thanks for sending it. Most of my friends also bounce my emails cause they have yet to realize that I have a political website. Well, here's the point. I have gotten a few emails from people who like the vid. Quite a few who claim to wanna kick my ass for Jesus. They missed point of the vid apparently. Oh, and I have received a boat load of email basically asking me to use COC's "Clean My Wounds" or bitching that I did not use that song in the first place. So here it is... drumroll. The Clean My Wounds FLash everyone has been requesting. I call it "Time" . That's the quickload version, the other one is available on my homepage. I was going to use this theme with Whitney Houston Screaming "I believe the Children are the Future..." But this is much better. lol

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