Sunday, January 07, 2007

Watch the birdie, not the psycho behind you, moron!

"A British newspaper reported Sunday that Israel has drafted plans to strike as many as three targets in Iran with low-yield nuclear weapons, aiming to halt Tehran's uranium enrichment program. The Israeli Foreign Ministry denied the report."

Ok, so no one is denying that Israel has nuclear weapons anymore. Is it possible that they just have a few bombs intended for self defense?

"Citing multiple unidentified Israeli military sources, The Sunday Times said the proposals involved using so-called "bunker-buster" nuclear weapons to attack nuclear facilities at three sites south of the Iranian capital."

Oh, bunker busters. The new technology we have been developing at a huge cost to US tax payers. Wow, I wonder where the Israeli's got there hands on those....

Here's a thought, now that Israel is admitting that they have Nukes, shouldn't we sanction them for going against the UN Non-Proliferation Treaty?

Oh, nevermind.... the Israeli's aren't signatories of that treaty. They are just your regular run of the mill rogue states with a predeliction for war, 1000's of foriegn nationals in their dungeoons and the most active spy/terrorist operations, aimed at the US, of any country in the world. Well here's another thought... What the fuck are we doing letting them get away with this?


melissa carter said...

Thats delusional. Get your facts straight. The world has recognized Israel as a nulclear power for almost two decades now, lol. And when you say Israel, call it what it is- Israelica, its the 51st state.

Reverend X said...

No, it's been a commonly known fact that they have nukes, but at no point has anyone recognized it officially. Hence the lack of sanctions on the one side and lack of a permanent seat on the UN Security Council on the other. Both of which kinda go along with having nukes.
The 51st state.. More like the satellite District of Columbia.

Here's a bad joke for you. Who spies against us, has the technology to put rfid chips into Canadian coins, are stereotypically known for not squandering the coins in their own pockets and therefore apt to waste a great deal of those spy chips by putting them in coins which are then given to US defense contractors who prolly spent the majority of them in vending machines and salvation army pots? Well the answer is not one of the 3 countries the Corporate media chose to list as suspects in this new and latest espionage activity.
I wonder why none of the MSM thought that Israel could be involved in this?