Thursday, January 18, 2007

Debunking debunkers debunked off, dude.. bunk!

OK, I am sick and I seem to be losing my legal activities, so I am going to vent that frustration at new target. I have been hearing about this site called Debunking911 . Seems there is a bona fide genius who is hell bent on proving the Official 911 Story to be true. What this guy has done is take the Conspiracy Theories and show them to be BS... I don't think he's taken a shot at my theory, The Fall, or its follow up, but nevertheless he is the person most likely to be cathartic for me right now.. Let's begin with controlled demolition...

"Let's forget for a moment that thermite doesn't explode so the claims of hearing explosions become meaningless. The argument that there was thermite and explosives seems to be rationalization of this dilemma. Why would they use thermite which cuts steel without announcing it, then switch to explosives? To tip people off? No theory exist to explain this but the faithful simply say "We're still working on it". I'm sure they are. Let's also give ourselves selective amnesia and pretend thermite can burn sideways to melt vertical columns. Maybe with some device but no working device has been proven to me to work."

RDX... Controlled Demolition inc uses a patented explosive/thermite compound called RDX. Not only does it cut steel like butter, it also makes a nifty explosion sound and effect. Oh, and why is it that everything is this or that with this guy? He begs the question that explosive and thermite are mutually exclusive when in reality they are mutually inclusive in building demolition.

"While there are relatively large canisters which can burn small holes sideways, I have yet to see this elusive steel cutting technique used to cut a vertical column. Then there is a patent of a device which has been brought up but as of yet there is no evidence the idea went any further. Does it even work? Anyone can make a patent but it doesn't mean it exists or even works. Even if it did, they are "Ganged" together to make the cut according to the patent. You would still need these boxes all over the columns. It would be pretty absurd to suggest they moved the walls away from the columns just to fit these things around the columns. Of course they'll say they didn't suggest that but it goes without saying."

I'd suggest once again, RDX. Additionally one need only type "implosion" into a Google box to find a full spectrum of vertical steel columns being cut by it. Yes, it is panted. Yes it is used all the time. . No it does not go with out saying. To assume an other's rebuttal and in doing so purport to know the inner workings of their mind is idiotic. It goes without saying that no one should have to read conjecture like this masquerading as logical debate. Oh wait... Not as debate, but as irrefutable fact. Then perhaps I should stop refuting? But its so easy...

"Anyway, physicists aren't supposed to know these things. I will give Jones the benefit of the doubt and say he and the other "Scholars for truth" may not know how to use Google. We'll chock this up to old scholars who hate computers. (We'll also forget that professors are supposed to know how to do research. Though that one is a little tougher for me...) The last thing we are to ignore is that this thermite charge didn't go off during the impact and decided to go off later. Yes, thermite needs a very hot source or primary explosive to go off but this primary explosive didn't go off either. (Enter sound of explosives right? Wrong, the sounds were described as happening at the time of collapse. From what I've seen of thermite, it needs longer than microseconds to work on thick steel.)"

I do not see any "Scholars*" exhibiting a handicap in referencing their work. The rest is pure insult. I know that many of the people publicly promoting 9-11Truth feel very strongly in following the rules of Civil Debate and would never sink down to a level low enough to respond to these kinds of insults. As for me, bitch, I ain't one of them. I'll kick your ass at your game, on your turf. You wanna throw random geriatric phobia genre witless-i-cisms around, bring em! Course, if you could Google half as well as you insult you'd know that you are trying to insult the Nerd Lords of the Digital Age about being afraid to compute. What ya gonna do next, call Ron Jeremy a virgin?
OK, back to the debate. Explosives do not decide to do anything. Inanimate objects do not behave like you or I.. Correction, like i do. Not certain about you though. I actually do takle the timing of the events. My theory is listed as "The Fall 2" . Have fun with it. Lastly, what have you seen of thermite?

Jones' torch on the thermite proves it needs other means of setting it off but it doesn't prove a thing for whatever is supposed to set it off. That would still be very volatile in the fires. I have yet to see this 1,100C fireproof container and radio controlled primary explosive combination some have rationalized. This seems to exist because they need it to exist. It will be interesting to see how Jones gets around this now that he knows. Will he use these rationalizations or produce hard facts? I have little doubt he will think of SOMETHING..."

I have yet to see many things including the 911debunkers brain. That is not what leads me to doubt its existence. I would say it exists because he needs it to exist. Then again, he doesn't need all of it, to live or to make a website. Thank you Macromedia. As far as hard facts? Go to Hoffman's site... He is the man when it comes to logic and evidence.

This topic will continue..

*Yeah. That's a link to a total diss page on the Scholars for 9-11 Truth. It is easier to accept the fallibility of Humans than it is to unlearn false information.

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