Friday, January 19, 2007

Sure, I know I have a thinking problem...

The politics I got involved in like a bad Coke habit. You see.. I started thinking in High School. Sure I'd had a thought or two earlier in life, but it wasn't till High School that I started thinking heavily. You know how it starts. On the weekends you go to where your friends are hanging out. Maybe think a little with them about a few light subjects. Maybe think a little more than you should to impress the other sex. Let em know you can think. Plus it's an ice breaker and I really do think that thinkers are more attractive, funner at parties..

But then College happens. Seems like that's all people do their is think. And it's hard thinking. The kind you do in seedy little bars talking about Kafka and Nietzsche. And there's always someone there to put that next thought in your head or get you to try thinking something new.

Before ya know it, you can't get outta bed without thinking a little. Course it was thinking that kept you up too late the night before, wasn't it? Now your thinking between classes. After school everyday. There aren't enough hours in the day to think all the thoughts that are pushed onto you. Some days you don't even go to class. You just record somebody else's thoughts on this or that while you seclude yourself in your room, thinking alone... all day. Yeah, you probably should of thought about what you were doing. Some thought should have popped in your head to make you really think about where this was all gonna end. But you thought it would all be ok. Thinking that nothing bad would ever happen to you. Thinking you could stop thinking any time you wanted.

After college, as you enter the "Real World" and realize that it has things you never even thought about before. You think about that as you see your friends quit thinking. One by one they get on the wagon. Seems so easy for them. Almost thoughtless the way they do it. Life is about action. There's no time to think about what your doing. But you keep thinking you can quit tomorrow. Just need to think about it for a little bit. That's the wrong thought you see. Thinking you're healthy and thoughtful ain't the same as being healthy and happy.

You are a human being, not a human thinking. Think about that for a while... I think you can, but you'll never get those thoughts outta your head thinking like this... at least that's what I think.

Now it seems the whole world stopped thinking. Everyone but you. While you were thinking about it, they've all gone on to live their happy lives, not a thought in the world about how their thoughtless activities might affect the rest of the world. They aren't paid to think about that. They aren't paid to think. You too can stop if you want to. Don't think about it.. Just do it.

Course quitters never win and winners never quit.

Ever think about that? Thought so...

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