Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Tooth and Nail

As I slowly return to the Blogosphere (please someone, better name?), I checked my email today and came across one with the heading:


This warrants an answer. Two answers actually

1) No one. I am not important.

2) Who the fuck are you not to!!

Perhaps I should flesh out those answers just a bit. First of all, I am not important. I don't even want to be here doing this, but I have no other choice. Go through your history books and look at the people who are listed there. Maybe 1% lived through their shit long enough to enjoy it. If you look deeper into their lives, none of them wanted anything to do with what later made them famous. I am not implying I am a hero or anything of that ilk. I am just letting you know that no one who ever lived through times of tribulation and distress, wanted to be there at the time!

"Would he have walked on water, if he could've walked away? Would you carry this torch for me?" Eldritch, The Sisters Of Mercy.

The job is always hiring! Here's the ad: "No pay. Probably get you killed. If we succeed, we are unemployed immediately!"

Now I have to ask the question: What makes you so fucking special that you can stay away from a job like this? Is life so sweet that it should be bought by the chains of slavery? Is a life lived like that worth living? When you die, will you die free? I will! And as I said, I am no one. Unimportant. My children are the only things that matter in my world. What matters in yours?



K9 said...

/bark bark bark

welcome back! you've been missed.

"who the fuck am I to say...........? Next time someone asks me that in the real i might try this on for size:

Who am I? I'm Tonya Harding. Say hello to my little aluminum baseball bat. hahahaha

doing what Rev? what job is always hiring? Fighting the Power? Im not special enough to avoid the big picture battle? i don't think feeling special is the obstacle. The problem is that the course of action isnt clearly defined, and neither is the target.
just like iraq.

How are we going to get on the same page? You've made some valid observations.
but other things like the 911 inside job I don't buy.

You hit on the real deal though, you do it for your children's future, not glory, not history books, not to be admired. because you have to. i respect that. I don't think I am in chains of slavery. that concept is so relative it's pointless to argue it.

The world isnt ideal. I find the way where I can do the best I can with what is. What is important in my world is personal liberty and protecting the integrity of the things i am responsible for. that IS a contribution to the bigger whole. It means nobody else is picking up my slack. If this were universal there's be no need to walk on water.

'cept of course for the real reason which was to pay a debt.


Bird said...

well, who the fuck is anyone to do anything?

i am not convinced that anything we do matters anyway. it doesnt' seem to. but that doesn't mean we shouldn't do what we think is right, voice an opinion, challenge. etc. blah blah blah..same old stuff. my favorite line from a joan didion novel: "I know what nothing means, but play the game anyway." Yeah. I know how meaningless my vote is,my letter writing,my charitable contributions, my tabling, etc., but i do it anyway.

sometimes i think we need a violent revolution to get things unstuck. i resist this notion, because i am a pacifist - but geesh - i know that pacifism doesn't always work.

K9 - dead on - course of action isn't clearly defined and neither is the target. agreed. the target seems to shift or else is obscured by muck. sometimes i think we ALL contribute to that muck.

Nice to have you back, Rev.

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

i just saw "rise" and i loved it. great footage. matches up with the soundtrack very well. youre getting better. #7 is compelling evidence. and the shut up by networks -but look those are the very guys who would love to prove you right. why dont they? i dont think a gig this big can be contained. but i am going over to the site rise said to look at. i will at least take it in rev.

whatever happened in that contest you entered?


Pete Bogs said...

how about Blogaria???

I agree, this is not a choice, it's a calling... we have to do this... we have to hold up the stupid to folly... we have to point out hypocrisy when we see it, otherwise we are complicit... we must provide clarity amid the muck...

warvigilent said...

to add more to the good fight
(okay this one is a little bit out there but it fits the theory.)

a 9/11 truth page but this one concentraits on the demolition itself and brings an interesting hypothesis of using a next get mini nuke in the basement rather than strategicly placed demo charges, can't say it would be to hard to plant without someone noticing as with the charges, explains the pulverized cement and molten pools of steel
its also supported by two particals common at ground zeros found in high concentration in ny.
although there is some evidence to the contrary its still an interesting idea, after all the admin is already posioning troops and iraqis with du rounds and tanks hulls.

Reverend X said...

My favorite bar closed a few years ago. At the time its marquis read, "Come to us Tanya Harding. Our White trash princess." Having met Nancy Kerrigan, I was left with the thought, "Swing away!!" BTW you know the job. You are already on it. Without the give and take and the hammering of details which happens in "Blogaria", I do not think the message would hold the weight. The target is defined, however. You said it yourself," What is important in my world is personal liberty and protecting the integrity of the things i am responsible for." I am glad you saw through the culture clash ruse.

Yup! Now go make it matter!

Yup! Pilate washed his hands of the whole ordeal. Did not do him any good! We must find the clarity amongst the muck. You can not be nuetral on a sinking ship.

I still have no idea what "Exactly" took down the towers. That is why we NEED an investigation and a commission made up of independent people and not "All the President's men"!!!

I made "Rise" last June. I agree, best thing I ever did... on a computer.

Pete Bogs said...

the real questions are: "Why don't presidents fight the war? Why do they always send the poor? Where the fuck are YOU???"

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

ha ha ha on swing away harding. loved her road rage story. new job for you? too busy to write as before?.......

have you seen the ads for REV X the weight loss pill?

"i have a sexier body thanks to REV X"

"REV X changed my life!"

"thanks to REV X my 12 year marriage is like our honeymoon!"

"thanks REV X!!!"


Hellpig said...

Rev a new topic for you. have you heard about the internment camps being built to house the muslims/illegals halaburton won the contract suprised I haven't heard anything from you on this,it's been it the works for years?

warvigilent said...

@ hellpig

i think he did already, probably an older post you missed. still scary shit that they are building concentration camps.

Hellpig said...

"Internment camps" sorry War but we will need them when the 5th column starts it's march.