Friday, April 28, 2006

Blink and You'll Miss It

Well, it would seem that the last two posts have been redacted. I will have to change my passwords. I do not have the time to rewrite them right now, but I will try to put back up the gist of the info. Not right now, but soon. I don't have a connection right now and I am just checking in. Unfortunately, my computer is with everything else I own... New Mexico. In hindsight I never should have saved all my passwords in my browser.

If you came here to see a fucked up story:

This is Serious

I have seen a lot of comments from people on this subject. As is I did not delete the last two posts. I am going to leave them in retirement simply because I really do not wish to have my personal life hanging here for everyone to see. I linked the story, but even that might disappear soon. I posted here out of desperation. My situation has not changed much, but I have received some sound advice. The entire course of events this month left me in a state of shock. Now I have a direction and some presence of mind.
Prior to her deletion of these posts, Suzanne commented her opinion of the situation. I stand behind everything I wrote. She made multiple accusations, but did not dispute a single point I made. Yes, she can make broad generalizations about me and call me a liar, but she can not refute anything that I wrote. I wish she had not deleted the posts and comments because she did a great job of validating the story.

As is I am going to be incredibly busy for the foreseeable future. I will try to get back to documenting the Fall of American Civilization and the subsequent Apocalypse (it keeps my mind from dwelling on my real problems), but I will not be updating this site with my personal problems.


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K9 said...

/bark bark bark

i did miss it. when i found your link in my comments it went nowhere! Rev, hang in there.


The Flabbergasted Heathen said...

Just keep thinking about your little ones my the end, it'll work out, as things often do.

I know, it doesn't make it a hell of a lot easier, nothing will, but it's true none the less.

fatty ~ said...

i read your story rev. and i have to say, my heart hurts.

Really. OUCH. times ten because i can say nothing to help.

Not 'sorry' because thats one of those meaningless words that people say, but maybe 'hang in there' because you will get through it. You're one of those fighters.


Hello My Friend,
I do not know what is going on as of late. But I am sure that light will shine on you, and illuminate those who bask in ignorance. Your cause is worthy, your friendship is a blanket of compassion for those who care to take the time. Have faith, keep peace... All of those that argue with opinions may Not have been silenced with facts as of yet... But the light will triumph over the dark.

I am here to turn to, if you need to vent, etc.

I believe in you!
Amethyst <3