Saturday, April 01, 2006

Of Ghetto Birds and Grease

Hello all you boys and girls. I'd like to take you to a better world. A place where politicians sometimes tell the truth. Where the cops come and get your cat out of the tree and everyone dies of old age. But as it stands, we live here on Earth and unfortunately, shit ain't like that! It's real fucked up!

Go see this!!

I'm back in the Southwest. Been listening to way too much Primus and Body Count on my travels. My Gateway is still in a box. I have access to a system and a dial up connection. The White House is still in the hands of a terror syndicate. We are all doomed. But I have good news... The Z and X buttons on this keyboard are not fused from mountain dew. BTW if you think you just saved a bunch of money by switching to a car insurance company that spends more money on advertising per year then the entire world spends on Cancer research, wait till you see your premium next month!

I always thought something was gonna drive me crazy, but with the price of gas, I walked. It wasn't very far after all. Now I'm gonna go get some good food and watch the helicopters circle the desert sky. Be back full time shortly. Or I'll be back short time fully. Whatever...


Pete Bogs said...

welcome back!

false prophets indeed! I don't know if you saw my "Bush is the Antichrist" blog, but I'm quite sure if such a being exists it will be in the guise of a right-winger... it's not Michael Moore, it's who the faithful will least expect...

Hellpig said...

Welcome back Rev,ahhhh the southwest the land of meth addicts and illegal aliens.

Reverend X said...

Have not seen it, but it sounds like you are one the right track. I'll check it out in a moment. UNIVERSAL TRUTH THE WORLD MIGHT HAVE MISSED: Excaliber circa 70-something- "Have we eradicated Evil, Merlyn? Where lies Evil in my Kingdom?" queries King Arthur.
Merlyn responds, "Always where you least expect it... Always"
Or as my Uncle recently reminded me, "The Whore of Babylon is the Church."

The land formerly known as that, indeed. But those problems franchised and expanded a while ago. Maybe if we quit prescribing Dexadrine and Ritalin to "Problem Children", we'd have less adults still addicted to them. In case anyone is unclear... Dexadrine and Ritalin are meth amphetimines used with abandon by child psychologists and quack fucks every day to help inadequate parents gain some psuedo restraint over their normal acting children. Oh, one more thing... No serotonin reuptake inhibitor has ever been approved by the FDA for use on anyone under the age of 18. Regardless of this fact, 30% of America's children have been prescribed these mood alterants by their doctors at least once in their lives. The Hyppocratic Oath: Do No Harm!! Guess that's relative to the pocketbook nowadays! Ever hear of the Angel of Death?

Hellpig said...

Tom Cruise in da house

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

the mountain dew explains it. you're all hopped up on caffiene!

death to word verification!!!!


Hellpig said...

I agree with K9 if your gonna moderate us don't do it half assed.

Word Verify is supression

Reverend X said...

I turn the Evil Word Verification on when I get spammed, then of again after about a month. Long enough to stop all the "Great Site! Now check out this cure for small penis problems and this online casino!"