Sunday, November 20, 2005

Tucker, you are still a Dick

Wow, I am way behind on the news. Check this out.. Tucker Carlson spoke with Professor Jones of BYU on the 16th. Do you remember when Jon Stewart went on Crossfire and tore Ol' Tuck a new one? Well, seems Tuck lost his job but not his habits. You can tell immediately that Prof. Jones is not going to be able to show anything scientific, experiment or other, with Carlson asking him inane and pointless questions. Tuck, if someone corrects you for using a word improperly, quit using it. If you cannot define "Theory" see this. OK I linked my own article there, but It fits. Basically the Show was poorly done, until you read the blog. Just the line about no one really believing the government to be responsible, because we have not left the country...? Someone please get this message to him, somehow "Douchebag, it's our country. We are not going anywhere! You, on the other hand, might be. Along with the people you are working for." Watch the videos.