Saturday, November 12, 2005

In Gop We Trust?

As more and more information surfaces in regards to the US Gulag system, it is becoming clear that from the top down, these guys are Rons. I mean, we had a lot of Rons, but with the addition of the PNAC Alumni, whoa! It would seem the old equation still holds. If you have 10 Rons and 5 other Rons join you, what do have? More Rons!
Sorry, I apologize for that intro. Now where was I? Oh yeah... For the last six months or so I have been trying to get the message across that 911 was impossible. Laws of Science cannot be broken, even by the Law Breakers in this Administration. Well, Check it. Drop the Science with Defiance. On a Mission to Prove Demolition So I would like to say, as humbly as possible, "Suck it, Bitches! In your Face!" Of course I can't find a humble way to say that so I'll just say, "Hopefully the GOP Controlled Congress doesn't vote in a law to stop this guy from investigating 911."
Vote not to investigate? Why on Earth would our Representatives vote to NOT investigate allegations of Criminal Activity. Hell if I know, ask them yourself. Keyword search "GOP votes" "House conservatives" etc and you should find quite a number of them. I believe all together there have been 23 flagrant partisan votes against different investigations coming out of committee, the floor, and so on. I have not fully researched this, so you will have to do your own work. And 23 is approximate. is just the most recent example. One more
My question today is: Why, with the GOP holding all the moral people and religious virtues of the world so close to it's heart, would they not wish to show by example their righteousness and christ-like goodness? Why, instead, would they repeatedly unilaterally deny the American people the blessing of seeing the work of God these Holy men are carrying out in our Name? Ask your Representatives and Senators that question. I dare you.

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Anonymous said...

After the first attempt by al-Qaeda to bring down the towers, the govt felt that the towers would do much more damage if they fell sideways intstead of straight down. It was decided to place demo charges throughout the building in the event the towers threatened to fall again. You can see from watching the south tower fall that it begins to topple to the side due to the side impact of the plane. once the top began to go, the charges were detonated, probably by auto sensors in building showing serious distress. Down came the south tower in its own footprint, even though it started topple sideways. After that, a decision was made (way up top) to pull the north tower, probably out of fear that it too would topple to the side.

There is no way that those buildings could have fallen according to the official story.