Monday, November 07, 2005

The Burden of Proof

I have stated in the past that the Official Account of 9-11 is not awhat happened on that day. Actually, I think I used the word "Crap" when describing it. My opinion has not changed, I still know that it is crap. Of course, stating this has put the burden of proof onto me. How do I know it to be crap? Simple physics. On this planet there exists a constant force of Gravity. We'll call it 1g. At any time or in any place, all mass on this planet experiences 1g uninterrupted. Using that constant, or using a rock and a stopwatch, it can be proven that an object falling 110 stories to the ground will make that journey in just under 10 seconds, give or take 1/2 second due to air pressure, aerodynamics, and object density. We call this free fall as it is a fall free of resistance. The Twin Towers fell in that amount of time. More to the point, multiple objects on the roof of each tower traveled the distance to the ground in the amount of time they would have taken were they in free fall. Therefore these objects were in free fall. The Official Account claims that these objects fell through 110 story buildings. This alleged process has been called the Pancake Effect. This phenomena is possible and could account for a collapse similar to these, but not in the timeframe observed. There is quite a bit of resistance inside a 110 story building. Resistance reduces acceleration, which in turn, increases travel time. Therefore the objects could not have done what the Official Account claims they did. It is impossible. Not improbable, not unlikely, not subject to definition, slant, spin, or perspective. I won't bother listing the equations used to mathematically determine an objects movement in this situation, because I wouldn't trust any equations given by someone stating my conclusion. Look it up yourself. Do the math. Figures do not lie, liars figure, that is why you have to work out the numbers for yourself. If you are incapable of doing the math, fine... Just make sure that you never offer anyone your opinion of this event. Remember that you are not capable of doing the thinking necessary to have any worthwhile input on this subject. For those who can do the math...
Done? Good. Now as you can see. The Official Story is Crap! Could not possibly have happened the way they claim it to have happened. That's it. That's all. We won't waste anymore of our time on speculation, metallurgy, architecture, whatever. That is all moot. Being that the Official Account has been disproved, the burden of proof is back to you. We need an investigation to find what happened to WTC1, 2, and 7. This is a homicide case still so we must follow all required steps and procedures of a homicide case. First, examine the physical evidence from the crime scene. What? There is no physical evidence from the crime seen. OK find out who was involved in tampering with that evidence, issue arrest warrants and charge them for it. We will, unfortunately be forced to work off of the original investigator's reports on the physical evidence. Oh, the evidence was removed and destroyed before investigators could make those reports? OK, find everyone involved in that interference of a federal investigation and try them for their crimes.
This must happen immediately. We have 3,000 cold case homicides to investigate and an unknown number of people to arrest for crimes in connection to this investigation. That is an unprecedented task. Luckily we have the resources and facilities to handle it. As was recently reported in the Washington Post, the CIA has a number of jail facilities around the world that it won't be using anymore. Aside from the basic facts that the current activities at these jails are Unconstitutional, the War on Terror is over. At least until guilt can be determined and judgment rendered, the CIA will be releasing the current detainees. This is just in time to incarcerate the individuals charged with interference, tampering, and destroying evidence. We can start by using the facilities at Guantanamo Bay. It should be vacant shortly. With the War on Terror being discontinued for lack of cause, all prisoners of war not charged with war crimes must be released. As the President has reminded us all recently, Presumption of Innocence is an integral part of our Judicial Process. That and of course, we all need to be reminded that the Law applies to everyone equally. No one is above the Law. No one is beneath the Law. Each and every person with first hand knowledge of the events of 9-11 must be treated equally. They are all material witnesses to one of the worst crimes in history. There can not be any preferential treatment do to Race, Religion, Nationality, Gender or Position. It will be interesting to learn the details of why Donald Rumsfeld has stated that our Air Force shot down Flight 93. How President Bush was able to watch the 1st plane hit the Tower, live on TV, when no one else has seen such footage. And, of course, this entire investigation must be conducted with the utmost transparency and attention to detail. An independent Prosecutor with the authority to ask any and all pertinent questions without any illegal interference from Judges regardless of their being involved in the proceedings or not. Federal Gag orders imposed on these proceedings can not be honored, much in the same way as the careers of any Judges choosing to do such will not be honored or allowed to continue. The Burden of Proof is now firmly on the United States. It is time to fulfill that responsibility.

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Brad said...

Nice. Not much of a theorist myself, but your argument is compelling. I'm convinced at the very least that the government knew about it, and probably had a hand in it.


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