Sunday, November 20, 2005

Sittin on the Dock of the Bay, Watchin the World Fade Away

On July 3rd, 2005 I posted this paragraph on an IMC Repost

"The New New Pearl Harbor
author: Poll Takers e-mail:
The last time Bush had these bad of numbers was right before 9/11. Basic sequel rules for action flics,you need at least 2-3 times the explosions for a hit. This is the mentallity of the actual terrorists so everyone might want to start thinking of things to look out for. Start a list. "
Well, I have been credited, cursed with predicting them. I followed a simple enough equation. What they did to get powere (z), times the reprecussions of losing that power (y), times the accelerated level of positional entropy (w) equals what they will do to retain said power (x). So I figured... (zy)w=x and I took a guess cause I still suck at word problems.
As it turns out, I was within 4 days of the London Bombings. Of course, they had the explosions, but the Brits never were very interested in over the top American Cinema. Multiple booms, but more of a "Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels" low budget/ bang for your buck... er punch for your pound I guess. Personally, I tend to side with the "Boon Dock Saints" genre flic also, then again, my tastes are unimportant cause I am JAFO on the playing field today. Lemme just get to the point...
I worked the equation again.
Factored in the obvious:
1. 34% approval is closer to sugar gum pushing dentist numbers than Democratic Mandate.
2. Cats outta the bag on Iraq Intel, Plamegate, Katrina, deficit and so on.
3. Frist is fisted and Delay is played... out. Abromoff is going to ruin the GOP Elite.
4. Scientists are beginning to discuss 911, and that bodes ill for it's Intelligent Designers, even the moronic ones.
5. There is a strong possibility that Bushco will be swingin in the wind with Saddam n Slobodan if he ever drops the Commander-in-Name-Chiefly gig.
Well, I did the math... whilse reading this GOP Memo
and all of a sudden I feel like I might live a bit too close to San Francisco. Yeah, I am suggesting, that it is concievable, that if my world view is correct, that the powers that be might nuke San Francisco. I thought of other possible targets, but nowhere else even came close. In one bright flash, the Neo-cons could rid themselves of a progressive stronghold, an anti-war mecca, Arnold's Bane, a huge percentage of this country's intelligencia (Non Ivy League too!), and more than enough feminists, homosexuals, and assorted alt lifestylers to unquestionably declare the whole tragedy to be the will of their Jesus/God/Almighty Right Whitey construct, cause everybody knows IT Hates an honest sex life. I'm probably wrong, but I thought it a good idea to get this out there, you know, on the public record. If you are in the Bay Area, look out for anything that isn't stoned, happy, rational or tye dyed. A false flag op should stick out their like... well... like a covert op in San Francisco.

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Anonymous said...

Beware The Desperation USA Scenario
by Mark Sashine

- Bush's popularity is dropping like a stone.
- The party is besieged by scandals.
- They have no chance in Hell in any elections.
- They are finished.
- We will never see those clowns again.
- We have to think what we do when they are in jail.

Sound familiar? That's how the media is gloating about Bush now, as his popularity is 27% and falling.. And that is exactly what the German and foreign media said about Hitler and his NSDAP party in 1932 Germany.

Not that the media were not right then, exactly the same as it is pretty right now. In 1932 the NSDAP, the Nazi party had a majority in the German Parliament but its leader was not even a member of the Government.

Germany was run by the allied nationalist- military group, endorsed by the wealthy landowners and the grand- capital- the powerful industry. Field marshal Von Hindenburgh firmly sat on the Presidential throne and it was he who ousted the 'Bohemian petty officer Hitler' from the government. The leader of the winning party was cleverly booby-trapped and pushed aside.

The new government, especially its military side, was hostile to Hitler and his storm troopers. It forbade the paramilitary groups and actively unleashed the tax organs on the NSDAP finances. The German leadership was, in fact, eager to go forward with broad agreements with French companies, which would effectively pull the rug out from the under the extremists by leading the road to the peacelful reconciliation of the Versailles treaty issues.

Under the normal circumstances Hitler's party would not survive the next elections and Hitler knew that. Unfortunately, the circumstances were far form from normal. At that very time the tax organs started a probe into the way the group of the powerful landowners dealt with the state. They apparently used bribery to cover their ways of getting huge state subsides. One of those bribes was given to Hindenburgh directly, namely a Noidek estate, a lovely piece of land where the old field marshal wanted to spend his golden years. Obviously, the scandal was not to his taste.

After a scatter of negotiations in the inner circles a deal was procured.

Hitler was to be appointed a Chancellor if he promised to stop all investigations in the matter. He promptly promised just that. Nationalists and industrialists also put other restrictions: in exchange for his power he was to promise them to deliver to them the Jewish property as well as to get rid eventually of the most odious friends of his, the SA people.

He promised that too. And then. the unfortunate clown, the lost soul, the loser. was appointed a German Chancellor in 1933. The Noidek investigation was closed on the same day. The Reichstag burning orchestrated by Goering under Hitler's orders enabled Hitler to suspend the civil rights and deactivate the Parliamenttary power. The Night of Long Knives and the new elections with 99,7% of the voters voting for the NSDAP followed.

General Shleicher, the sturdy military officer who was Hitler's main Nemesis in 1932 was beaten to death together with his wife in the Night of Long Kinives at the same time when Hitler killing most of his old comrades. It was only the first Night of many which befell Germany after that.

The US circumstances are also far from normal. The President was brought to power through intrigue and falsification in the Y2000. In our case the Supreme Court played the role of the field marshal. This president is obviously an usurper put to power by a narrow group of special interests.

Such people are usually put into power for a reason and until the goal is accomplished they do not go away. It is also obvious that the group in charge of the President consists of the powerful international war industrialists, the Carlyle Group, Big Oil and also the US SA storm troopers the parasite neocon ideologists who desperately try to instigate the turmoil in the country to help themselves in become richer. Those three forces work through the inner circle. None of them have any deep connections in the overall bureaucracy and that is why they have been so desperate in their fight for control. The best way to take control if you are in power, is, of course, war, and that is what they orchestrated.

Their actions so far have proven that in their strivings for power they will do anything up to and including treachery, because organizing your own private war is treason.

Well, they have not succeeded. We all understand that Bush would be impeached if the GOP did not have a majority in Congress. The Plamegate,the WMD scandal, the financial disasters following, the nightmare in Iraq- all of these very much resemble the Noidek investigation with the difference that, here, we have the clown already in power. And he still has the levers in his hands, especially the covert forces which have already served him well many times. So, the logical conclusion is that the criminals is power could become desperate and burn their Reichstag once again.

There can be many such scenarios. The easiest is the orchestrating of the "Syrian attack" on our forces in Iraq. Actually, that's why we have them there, right? What an opportunity! Those 'Syrians' will be absolutely merciless and kill a good number of our people. Our Commander- in-Chief would respond immediately and off we go bombing Damascus. Israel will offer support. All the calls for the troop withdrawal will subside. All the investigations will be closed. On the contrary, Chalabi will point out that he knows that prominent Dems were bribed by the Syrians. Of course, the proof will be provided by those volunteers in the CIA secure facilities.

Several prominent Dems would be arrested and charged with treason. At the same time a Syrian terrorist will blow up himself near the White House.
On the wave of patriotism the Supreme Court, under Roberts, will grant emergency powers to the President and suspend the elections until further notice. The media will call it 'a message from God'. Is that plausible?

Of course. Whoever falsified the war can falsify everything. The stakes are high. You can see that the mob in the White House is on the defensive.

They are desperate for a plan to stay in power while the Democrats have a simple plan of withdrawal from Iraq in Y2006. They want the convenient disaster to happen.

How to avoid this scenario? It is pretty simple. The media can undermine it by just putting the mob under the microscope. Three things should be promoted in the media:
1. Reopening an investigation on the Y2000 election fraud. Vincent Bugliosi is to be brought to light. This will paralyze the Supreme Court.
2. Crying wolf about Cheney and neocons driving to the conspiracy.

Use Buchanan and his group as watchdogs openly. Demand Cheney to resign pending the results of the investigation of his conspiring to take power illegally.

3. Resolution in Congress that under no circumstances any usage of our armed forces can be authorized against another country without a new
Congressional resolution being passed first. The resolution has to be passed as 'resolution of warning to the administration against any further manipulations'.

Those three things are to occupy our power folks until the Congress elections in the Y 2006 which has to be won by a Dems-led coalition, the People's Front ( which should also include the anti- Bush conservatives) And then the presidential impeachment will be in order for lying. But without Cheney. By that time he should be out of the picture.

If we are vigilant there will be no Desperation, USA. It will be only Desperation, Crawford, TX.

Mark Sashine is an engineer and writer. Mark's blog