Thursday, September 22, 2005

Quick, to the point.

Clinton could not define "is" and Bush needs to learn the meaning of "leak". For President it is inexcusable, but for Supreme Court Justice it is unthinkable to put a man who apparently could not define the word "in". As in "In the Federalists" which he must have misdefined or surely he would have admitted his leadership role of said group. How can we trust Roberts to define Our Constitiution when we can not trust him with a simple preposition?

Oh, and an afterthought regarding McCain-Fiengold (legislation that Roberts will someday judge)-
Funny, the Right wants my words. The Left wants my guns. If I did not know better I might believe the 2 party system is a sham designed to keep everyone playing the blame game while the rich loot the ranch. But that would cause a ridiculous bi-polar electorate too busy arguing talking points to see their own shared goals. oh wait...

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