Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Da Bya Code

Ok, this one is short. I finally figured out what is going on. This whole Katrina Issue left a nagging question in the back of my head. After reviewing memo's, policy directives, etc. I noticed a repetitive pattern of "Tomorrow" "At the meeting tomorrow." and the like. The White House shuts down at 5pm et. No exceptions. In case of Emergency, please hold and an operator will be with you in the morning. What kinda crap is that? Look at the memos and what not yourself. Check it out. Everything occurring after noon or 1pm pt is slotted for a next day meeting. Even his trips to the Gulf photo shoot are wrapped up and done by that time. That does explain a lot. I have had more commitment to dishwashing jobs. I know day laborers who will stick around if things need finishing. God forbid anyone from a hostile country figures out our Easily invaded window.
One more thing for the code. Whenever Bush says something, anything really but dramatic global ideas work the best... Put the word "Mostly!" at the end of his sentences. It's funny and it illuminates the reality within his obfuscation. "We gonna do what's right, mostly." "I want to see the truth prevail, mostly."

That's it for know.

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Here's a story that backs up your claim