Tuesday, October 04, 2005

What I've been Doing instead of blogging

Well, I have been doing that plus this-
http://www.blastedreality.net/library/chapter1.wmv http://www.blastedreality.net/library/chapter2.wmv

But enough about that. I actually wanted to get something off my chest. or off my back, or just off. Yes, I want to get something off.... Wait, that sounds bad. Nevermind all that. The point is, in here somewhere I assure you, that I spend way too much time reading Forums, blogs, etc. And in doing such I have noticed a distinct pattern. There are no logical cynics anymore, at all. I was doing some light reading over at RightNation, which I am a member, but I'm also at DailyKos. Something bout the duality of Man, Sir! Even if you are not a man, or whatever. Guess it would be the plurality of singular existence that keeps people interesting. Now to my point, no suegway(sic)
In order to believe in Conspiracy Theories in general: A person must assume that 2 or more people are capable of plotting and carrying out a criminal activity with some level of secrecy.

In order to disbelieve in Conspiracy Theories, in general:
1) A person must believe the above to be false.
2) That one can logically prove a negative.
3) That humanity is benign by nature.
4) That power does not corrupt.
5) That no one would lie to them.
add on to #3- That a species could be altruistic and flourish.

All of which are laughable when expressed in literature, but patently false in Reality. So, to all the gullible cynics out there, would you like your tinfoil shaped as a sailor hat or baseball cap. And as far as I know, no one has discovered any bats on the moon, but that does not mean I am of the position that moonbats do not exist. I am simply ignorant of the species.

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