Friday, September 09, 2005

An Actual Conspiracy Theory for Comparison

With the 4th Anniversary of 9-11 still in our memory I thinks it's time someone clarifies the difference between the terms: Conspiracy Theory, Criminal Allegation, and Psychotic Delusion. This should be self explanatory, but apparently it isn't. OK here goes:
Conspiracy Theory- an as of yet unproven, but logically sound argument involving a criminal act planned by 2 or more people.
Criminal Allegation- An accusation of illegal activity
psychotic Delusion- An unfounded belief. Thinking that Dubya is honest, caring or Compassionate. Hell, fiscally he is not even a Conservative.

In the 4 years since 9-11 the field of microbiology has had an abnormally high drop out rate. When I checked last, 89 of the world's top Viral Pathologists and researchers had met their demise at the hands of ???. Well, no one knows. As of yet there are still no convictions or even notable investigations into this anomaly. Add to that the increased budget of our defense department, notably in the field of bioweapons as mentioned in Congress yesterday by Representative McKinney of Georgia
"Now, another thing that we need to know about, there are so many things that our government does in our name with our tax dollars, on our behalf supposedly, that we do not know about. The Bush administration has opened up these biodefense labs all over the country. In about 20, 25 universities around the country we
have got biodefense labs studying I do not know what. I can remember the Tuskegee Study. I remember MK-Ultra as an African American. I remember Paul Robeson. But Tulane University is under water, and Tulane University houses one of these biodefense labs.
We need to know what the heck was in that lab, what was going on in that biodefense lab."

Factor in the recent transformation of New Orleans into the largest Petri dish in Human History. And what do we have? I don't know, but it scares the crap out of me.
As of yet this is not even a conspiracy theory yet. As you can see, my research is adequate, but I have yet to offer a hypothesis as to who or why. Eventually, if searches pan out, facts stand up and everything checks out, this radom wondering might become a Conspiracy Theory. So, before you write CTs off as paranoia, run your personal beliefs and pardigm through this process. See if anything you "know" to be true holds up as well as a conspiracy theory. I think you will be surprised.

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