Sunday, June 04, 2006

Video Killed the...

Well, I can't believe no one had anything to say about the last article. Good, then the whole world agrees with... Nevermind. First off, New stuff-

  1. To mark the One Year Anniversary of the first Blasted Reality Video Release, Rise. I have posted it over at the Huffingtonpost. It has been a year now since I first put the words Thermodynamics and Physics into a Flash presentation. Any effect? I'm not saying this Video began the Intellectual Re awakening that we have just experienced, but in the last 12 months, multiple Physicists, Engineers, Mathematicians and Experts in fields relevant to the events of 9-11 have come forward with Peer Review Papers disproving the Official Theory. That prolly should have made the News. Hmm.
  2. Actual Police Video from the 2002 Portland Police Riot finally found its way out into the publics eyes. Not only does it show the level of scrutiny the Police believe is appropriate for everyone, it also show just how biased/prejudiced/primed they are against the Average Citizen. If you think for a second that they have a "For the Community. To protect and serve..." Attitude or nature, watch this video. They filmed it themselves. You can hear them talk about normal everyday citizens as if they were enemy combatants. Watch as they set up, then brutally take down and beat a protestor. Normally you only see the action after it has started they can claim anything about the victim they want, but since they knew they were going to do it, the camera man had the whole scene from beginning to end. Approach, flop, assault, arrest, drag away!! And last, but certainly not least : You get to see the preparation and planning that went into the ""Fearing for their lives, the police were forced to defend themselves against an angry and bottle throwing crowd of belligerents." full on assault of the peaceful protesters. The "Official Story" says that the crowd became violent and the police were assaulted by bottles and had to defend themselves. On these tapes you get to watch the
    Police plan their attack, coordinate with each other and then in a military fashion, assault and subdue the assembled US cititzens who were exercising their right to gather peacefully and express dissent with their illegitimate government and its illegal plans to invade Iraq. For those wanting concrete evidence that wqe have truly become a Fascist Nation with no regard for American Ideals like Freedom, Democracy and liberty, Here you go. The Portland Police following orders to enforce a policy which is illegal under the Constitution. The Rights of 1,000's of Americans were ignored in a frenzy of beating and pepper spraying for no reason other than to remind the People that their Government is tougher than they are. Every Officer who willingly followed those orders should face the same Justice that their predecessors, the Nazi's faced for their crimes against humanity.With great power comes great responsibility. No one who's ever read the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, or the Bill of Rights can claim ignorance of Right or Wrong in this situation. Yes, the Police have hard jobs. On that day in 2002 they took it upon themselves to make their jobs a lot harder. They were the attackers. They reveled in their crimes. They have no business being Cops.
  3. Just finished a flash titled Release that had been mothballed since the 1st week in March. I had forgotten even starting it, but recently discovered it and I really like the song. It is amazing that it was less than 3 months ago... For anyone familiar with what happened, thank you for your support. Never forget, your whole world can change in the blink of an eye. Whether good or bad, it can just happen. One day you are a father, husband, care-giver with two babies and a Wife whom you have shared everything and trust implicitly and the next day be homeless, penniless, hopeless, alone and destroyed. But that which does not kill us... Is a mistake.

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