Tuesday, June 13, 2006

An Invitation to the Dance

IT's finally Summer, Twenty-ought-six.
Welcome to the Apocalypse.
Brought to you by an evil mix
Of Corporate Christian hics and dicks.
Who's the guy on their Crucifix?
Why's their Heaven across the River Styx?
Only one way for a fix
Gas the jars, light the wics!

The shot clock's going to expire
Got no heroes, they been retired.
By the beast and his Sire.
Dont say shit, cuz we all wired.
Sheep climbing onto the Pyre
or sinking into that quagmire.
Hell Yeah I'll yell, "Bush is a liar!"
Sent from God? He'd be on Fire!

To protect/defend is what he swore.
Then the Constitution hit the floor.
The GAO said "Fraud 2004!"
But the media would say no more.
Cover Ann Coulter the Crack Whore
Not a word about the World War
both 3 and 4 are at the door.
Ain't no peace for us in store
Count it up. What's the score?
Of the Human Race? Nevermore!

As hope is turned into despair
and hopelessness fills the air.
with lost souls and lost stares.
the cowards warn "Beware! BE SCARED!"
The masses seem to be impaired.
They see the truth but they don't care!
who will Rise up? Who will Dare?
Who ain't feelin safe in the Viper's lair.
Raise the flag, light the flare.
Stand up and fight like you got a pair!

It's time to kill the debate.
We simply can't afford to wait
Tomorrow will be too late.
Now or never. Mark the date.
We took control of our fate
Warred for life, not for hate.
To them the pawns never rate.
But Pawns take King. Checkmate!


Jack K. said...

Well stated.

Shall we dance?

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

lovin the raps revvy!
good to see ya fightin heavy
full force
of course
im ready to light the fuse but
for a different reason
i choose
to howl out loud
and yeah im proud
to be what i am
no bro that aint a sham
im not buyin the election scam
but annoyed with W i
surely am
for differents reasons
the darkest seasons
are to come and
like i said im ready to rock son
but you called it right
on complacency
why that is aint no mystery
the most selfishest people in history
wanna party on the town
while the big ship go down
makes me wanna drown
them all in a pile of steaming hot brown.


Bird said...

the pawns are either sitting in front of their tubes, stupified, satisfied, and ill-informed by the talking heads & the blathering pols or are being slaughtered (psychologocially or physically) on the fields of war.

the end of your rhyme is oddly hopeful, but i'm not. the damage is irreparable.

but dance on - because after all, it's what we do. and we gotta do something - whether the damage is irreparable or not.

(Check that sp on irre... - hahaha. damn.)

Reverend X said...

"Is that all there is? If that's all there is then let's leep dancing...."
Yes the worst is yet to come.
The damage can not be undone.
in the darkness there is a light.
we've gotten nothing left to lose...
So Fight!

Yeah i'm back, won't sstop until I'm killed.
They can break my spine, but not my will.
Bird, I went to Belle's and had your back.
Made stogie feel a full attack.
I smacked the Crack right off his back. Left him limp dicked with no ball sack.
Feeling strong, gettin mean.
Bringin it like they never seeen.
K9, I'm glad! it's about time.
Knew you'd come around to fight the crime.
Elections, towers, all in the past
What matters now is we kick their ass.
Give 'em their wish. Bring them
For Liberty, freedom, nothing more
Restore Constitutional democracy
From sea to motherfuckin sea!

infinitesimal said...

hello happiness!
I am glad you get the boys back.
I want to hear the details.
the VICTORIOUS details.

and your poem here is real fine too. I am glad to see you are back.

(ps: Miss Mouse the cat just caught a baby bunny and dragged it up the steps to show me.

do you know what it sounds like when baby bunnies scream?

and so now it sits, having fallen down the stairs, in a bin in a leopard print towel, next to a carrot and some greens, shaking.

I don't know it if is ok or not.
I want to give it a little tiny bit of rescue remedy. ever hear of Bach Flower remedies?)

so that's the latest.
and i have a headache

Reverend X said...

Put it out of it's misery. Vanille.Just one str8 strike down with boot. all the way . It is the merciful thing to do.

Jack K. said...

Rev, you might want to look at my latest posting about a MoveOn letter. It talks about some interesting shenanigans (too mile a word) of some Republicans. If it is true, we are worse off than I thought.

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

buddy you are hot hot hot. all over the blogs like a bad rash of fury. congratulations that you prevailed...i read the news at vanille. im glad for you. /howl out

Reverend X said...

Yeah, with everything in motion my brain needed to vent. Blog catharsis.
It is not final and things can still go wrong, but there is nothing the other side can do to stop their defeat. I consulted every lawyer on the Bar there, most here. Learned family law in both states and the relevant federal codes. My only task now is to acrue sufficient funds to insure against any bumps in the road. So if you know anyone with spare change, drop a hint bout me could ya? I'll trade services and ad space for anything.

Pete Bogs said...

shout-out to the good rev and his dope rhymes!

read about your kids on Rotating Chaos... good news!

I haven't written da rhymzzz since They Call Me Mr. Bogs I need to rectify that...

Reverend X said...

Just to clarify. Nothing is final. Like anything, until all proceedings i9n both states are final this could still go terribly wrong. My statement of success was basically my bad habit of telling an opponent at exactly which point they have lost. But yeah, my happiness was overwhelming and I had not been happy in the slightest in months. I'm off to work. I will finish rappin out the B Roll later tonight. I still have to flip and rip on the freedom tip to some new names and some that I've let slip.

Bird said...

i'll have to check out the news over at rotating chaos.

thanks for catching my back
over at the porch attack.

also,your point on my blog helped me adjust my thinking about the inmates in the asylum. hahaha!

but now i have to start working on this rhymin' thing.

so my arrows i can sling
with taste

bird the mc double d is on the wing,
listen to her sing!

(hey k9, whudya think, getting better? hahahahaha!)

Anonymous said...

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