Sunday, June 11, 2006

And now for something else completely different...

Now that we pretty much have to face the coming apocalyptic doom with nothing but alcohol, seretonin reuptake inhibitors, tranquilizers and an epidemic amount of methamphetamines to take the edge off that other crap, I thought it was about time for something not completely depressing. Ok, go watch this video. Belinda Bedakovski. Yes, there will be humping and straddling. Oh yeah, and damn speedy fingering too.

1 comment:

Bird said...

well, i'm surprised the guys haven't commented on this.

not sure what to make of the metaphoric or oblique sex - and i'm so distracted by that, i can't tell if the musicianship is any good.

hmmmm...hope this bird makes a lot of money - she's using what she's got - i hope on her terms.