Thursday, June 22, 2006

V is for Vendetta...911


warvigilent said...

i haddent seen it yet but i heard about how it related to whats going on now but the similarities are just uncanny. i really belive the wachoskys are making films about how we have to change our world, the matrix is and anolog for how the what we see in the world is mearly an illusion for the cold truth and v is an anolog for the sheer courrption and evil of unchecked govt.

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

i will rent this and watch it when i get out from under which seems to be never right now. still back at the post where you lay out how the clinton years prepare a path for the current admin. and then you also wrote about using the ballot. to vote for who? you dont trust elections anyway. i enjoy your blog because its exhilirating the same way alien invasion movies are. i still think that it would be very difficult to maintain secrecy for such a job, but that does not address the science it only addresses human nature. and theres always a big mouth on every gig.

stll looking forward to the post on the game plan, the "dance"


Reverend X said...

It hasn't been a good cover up. By any definition. The federal gag orders have silenced hundreds of people. And in all reality, the number of people with direct knowledge of the conspiracy is not as large as you would think. You'd need the bomb crew. 10 guys would be sufficient to prep, place and demo the buildings. After that you'd need One secretary of Defense, One Vice President, and one bewildered guy in Air Force one. Actually, Bush isn't necessary for this plot. add to these twelve disciples, throw in one or two air force/Norad generals and a couple guys at the FBI and that would cover it. The Hijacker's, well Atta anyways, has no idea that his plane is gonna hit a Tower. He wasn't religious and he was just paid $100k by the Pakistani Intelligence Agency. You don't grab a fat paycheck on the way to a suicide. The Norad mole slows fighter response. The other air force guy takes control of each plane in turn via remote control. The FBI moles give abnormal, but overlooked in the crisis orders. It isn't the Manhattan project by any means. And it still failed miserably in covering anything up. That is the necessity for the warrantless wiretaps. As I have illustrated before.... They easily attained warrants to tap every person who in any stretch of the imagination had any connection to any Arabs. But for some reason they also tapped 1,000's more without warrants. They put the black mail silence down on Congress and the MsM. Since 911 neither of those 2 bodies have done a thing about any abuse of power or criminal act committed by the Executive Branch. Specter goes on TV saying he is going to put the full power of Congress into investigating the NSA wiretaps. Then he goes to the White House for an hour, comes back and says that he is working on legislation to decriminalize the activity. WTF? Doesn't any one else notice this crap?

What can we do? the two most important things we can do is get our Military back here as fast as possible and the rest of us need to become the well armed and regularly drilling militia the 2nd amendment refers to. I keep hearing about guys and their guns and how it'll be ok. Well, one million armed guys ready to defend their own houses against the paramilitary police and Mercenary army which is already here on our soil, will only amount to a million individual tragedies. It need s to become 4 armies capable of mobilizing in minutes and defending strategic positions within it's region of defence. Any day now, the perpetrators of 911 will unleash the sequel. It is too late for them to hope to step down at the end of their legal terms and give control of the government to anyone who might not be in their pocket. The possibility of investigation is too high. The probability of them swinging in the wind for treason is way too high. That and no national leaders who have ever achieved the level of power and control that these guys have accrued, have ever peacefully abdicated their positions. Power corrupts. You saw Gonsalez snicker as he told Congress that He and the President would be happy to consider any legislative ideas that Congress might suggest. Congress does not suggest laws, they make them and the executive branch is bound by the Constitution to obey them. But not anymore.

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