Wednesday, August 31, 2005

New Orleans, Appropriated

Ok, this is a serious issue so I will refrain from sarcasm, as much as I can. First off, here is all the linking I will do on this one. Undernews covers it perfectly .
New Orleans is lost. Lost to a War we never should have gotten into. Sounds like I am reaching for tin foil hat dreams. Not in the slightest. This is a direct cause/ effect relationship between the Administrations policies and the death of an as of yet untold number of American Citizens.
9 years ago the vulnerability of New Orleans and it's region was noted, acted upon and allocated for repair funds. This was put in effect prior to Bush taking office. The funds were later APPROPRIATED for the Iraq War. No one seemed to pay attention to all of the appropriation bills breezing through Congress. All that mattered was blind devotion to patriotism. Where did you think the money was being appropriated from? The Federal Budget consists of X amount of money with X being a FINITE amount. Pull an increased percentage for one part of the Budget and it must be taken away from another. Our Nation's overall infrastructure has been raped to the bone. This is just the beginning. New Orleans was not singled out for short funding. This has happened everywhere. Now add to that overall weakening of our National Security, the increased hazards caused by Bush's abandonment of Environmental Policy. New Orleans once again being the Model of things to come, here is an example. This Tragedy also would not have been able to happen were it not for GLOBAL WARMING. Temperatures on the Surface of the Gulf of Mexico accelerated a Class One Hurricane into a Class Four. I know the No Child Left Behind educational program has slowed us all mentally but try to remember science class... When heated molecules move faster, and so on and so forth. Fortunately New Orleans is surrounded by conserved wetlands which slow storms down... But Bush nixed those environmental Protection Laws too and let developers drain them. Each by itself might not have been able to do this much damage, but thanks to the recurring and consistent pattern of disregard to anything outside of personal ambition, America is vulnerable from all sides.
"We fight them over there so we do not have to fight them here!" -bush has said that constantly. Well, with that logic why did he not send the National guard to fight the flood waters in the Persian Gulf so we would not have to fight them here? It woulda been easier due to 35% of Louisianna's National Guard is there and not here. How many more could have been saved if they were Guarding the nation instead of nation building somewhere else???!!!!
"And you will know them by the Fruits of their labors." Matthew 7: read the whole thing.
And as I said "We've only just begun.... To feel the effects of our arrogance and blind devotion to his cause."
We can't afford to sit back and hope for the best any longer.

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