Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Finding the Terrorists

This entry is Prefaced by this e-mail which has been going around.

1968 Bobby Kennedy was shot and killed by Siran Siran, officially, even though the bullet trajectory could not have come from sirans position. also, Siran fired 11 shots from his revolver, officially, without reloading and in under 10 seconds. On top of all that, psychological profiling uncovered extensive mental conditioning of the kind studied, practiced, and used, never officially, by the CIA division called project MK Ultra, run by Caucasian males aged 40-60.

In 1979 the Hostages in Iran were held for 180 days longer than their Captors had planned on keeping them, due to a deal brokered between the Iranian Revolutionary govt. and then candidate Ronald Reagan's staff. Reagan wanted to ensure that Carter's approval rating stayed low, hostage release might have inconvenienced him. In exchange the Iranians received weapons and munitions, illegally, from the US in order to fight the Iraqi Invasion. These shipments did not include Haz-Mat gear or anything else to help the Iranians protect themselves from the Sarin and VX gas which the US was supplying to the aforementioned Iraqi side. Simultaneously supplying both sides of a bloody War and knowingly not giving any warning or assistance/protection to the civilian populations targeted by Iraqi chemical weapons( targeted using US computers, on US intelligence maps and delivered to Iraq personally by , none other than Donald Rumsfeld.) One of the many Caucasian Males aged 40-60 involved in this bit of profiteering

During the 1980's people from all over the world were kidnapped, killed or otherwise affected by the multi factioned civil war in Beirut. Other than the scarce native population, anyone residing in that city was there either to fight the War or profit from it. The Caucasian Males aged 40 -60 who ended up captured or killed knew the risks going in and chose to value money over their own well being. The vast majority came back rich enough to buy a Presidency 20 yrs later.

As for the more current events, 9/11 I will refer you to either former Bush administrator Morgan Reynolds or Dr David Griffin's 9/11 report, Omissions and Distortions. As you will soon see, 9/11 was an Arab free action taken on by Caucasian males aged 40-60, and the subsequent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were planned and put in motion prior to 9/11. As far as the Muslim male extremists involvement, I hardly think it logical claim the invaded are at fault for their fate. The blame for the two wars and the two towers lies squarely upon Caucasian males aged 40-60.

And on a related topic. Caucasian males aged 40-60 account for88.9% of all child molestation in this country. Their % rate is even higher within the Catholic scandal.
That being said, it would appear that a distinct pattern has developed. The good news? At 40 men usually undergo their first prostate exam. It would be easy enough, and beneficial to their health for us to create legislation dictating the removal of every Caucasian male's prostate during that initial exam. That procedure would eradicate prostate cancer completely, while seriously diminishing molestations in America and, theoretically, calming the war like tendencies of the Caucasian males aged 40-60.

How does profiling sit with ya now? There is an old story I used to hear when I was a child, it goes like this,"When they came for them I said nothing. Then later, when they came for those people, I said nothing. When they came for me, there was no one left to say a thing." There is a name for people who allow their fears to decide their fates. They are called Cowards.They die a thousand deaths in their own imaginations. Those who push their fears aside and do what is right, will be spared such a fate. They will only die once. Fear and hate.... does that star spangled banner yet wave, in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave

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