Thursday, June 30, 2005

Something I was thinking

This is how it starts. The tiny pebble hits the reflective pool . The ripples spread out, gently pushing the surface insects into motion. Those that can spread their webs. To secure themselves they say, but words mean nothing to those caught in the deadly nets. The victims struggle against their bonds, only creating more ripples. Their death throes serving only to feed the endless hunger of their killers. Faint sounds of weeping drift across the water. The lament of a God. Long forgotten, but forever nailed upon his Cross. If you listen very closely, perhaps you'll be cursed like me. I know why Jesus wept, Motherfucker!
If you are wondering what I am rambling on about, here it goes. The first steps to War with Iran have begun. 5 former hostages recognize the new Iranian as one of the hostage takers. I seriously doubt anyone in the MSM will question these memories or the obvious height difference between the guy in the photo and the alleged bad guy. Of course, the Iranians have never tried to hide who did what, but that won't be brought up either. Here's a list of topics I would love to see on this: The 100+ extra days the hostages were kept due to Reagan's secret deal with Iran, George H W Bush's criminal involvement in the Iran Contra Conspiracy, other current members of the Bush administration's involvement, and anything what so ever on the fact that we supplied both sides of the Iran-Iraq War.
Ah well, that is just a wish list... I'd settle for a better plate of bull sh** at this point. The lies have run out of flavor at this point.

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