Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bullshit... Nothing more

I always hated open book tests. I am really good at knowing the required info, but if the test was open book that meant that the questions were vague and unimportant. Never discussed, lectured or learned by the class, so the idiots could play "Where's Waldo" for the answers and I would be forced to play along.. But I never would. I'd just shift into "The answer is generally C. It is almost never D or E unless an all or none grouping is present." Strategy of test taking. Playing the averages never failed me. During my ACT, I was at that intoxicated point between full drunk and eventual sobriety that really hurts, so I just marked C the whole way and went to sleep. Got into College level Algebra with points to spare. Sure it brought down my composite, but if my ass wasn't getting a grant for a 32, it wasn't gettin one for anything. Caucasian here... A perfect score would have meant nothing for me.
Ok, to my point. I have been way too busy to truly follow the Bail out and I do not feel like lookin anything up, so I am gonna weigh in on this open book test from memory and my knowledge base. I saw this coming a long time ago so as long as it followed the proscribed actions.. I know what is up.

Palin, the Soccer Mom/Cheerleader/Keynesian Economist for the Uber Rich has stated that we are facing another Great Depression. This dark age is due to our banking structure no longer being able to support the 59% speculative GNP it had been claiming was real for the last 4 years. Similarities in History. Yes. The 5.9% speculative GNP at the beginning of the Great Depression was unbearable to our banking structure and therefore caused a crash on Wall Street and a mad panic run on cash in the banks.
We have held 10 times that unbearable load for years. How could that be? Has our banking structure been juicing like a baseball player? No. The only difference is that economists of those days told the people that 5.9% was impossible and up until a month ago, their modern counterparts told the people that it was fine. Through observation alone, the market has altered its behavior.
Do I sound crazy yet? OK. Watch this quick lesson in Quantum Physics and then come back here. In the mean time, those of you who know Quantum Physics.. Scroll down and listen to the Monster Magnet song I loaded up there. It is equally relevant to the topic at hand...

"Well I'm back!/
I gotta dick made out of platinum!/
I got money fallin' outta the sky!/
I got the World's last piece of chocolate!"

...Ok, now that you understand that through observation alone, we can completely alter the behavior of sub atomic particles, can you be open minded about a slightly more logical causal effect?

Our economy is based on nothing more than the word of our Government and the opinion of the Federal Reserve Bank. If Bush says it's a dollar. It is a dollar. If he says it is worth 1.23 yen, it is worth 1.23 yen in American Markets. Why? Cuz that's how it was set up. We ditched the Gold Standard, created the Economic Death Star we call the Federal Reserve Bank, and adopted a Fiet based currency solely to gain the ability to say that! Hell, Bush has spent the last 7 years practicing saying things that bore no resemblance to any witnessed reality and up until this point, everyone has swallowed it like world's last piece of chocolate. Why choke on the platinum now?

So, here is the issue. If it is in the best interests of the US to say our economy is fine and make it so, why have they not utilized this truly "Voodoo" economic tool? Because this is part of a larger plan. The collapse of the Banking structure in America is one more action in a concerted effort on the part somebody to make America into what it wants to be... A Global Military Empire and Shock Trooper Breeding Ground. Sure we will be the muscle, but who will be the Brain? Well, name one country we have deferred to in all things. Even to the point of total forgiveness for attacks on our citizens, theft of our most secure defense secrets and policies of the nature of those which we created the UN to deal with. Yes creating the behemoth to fight such policies because of our strong convictions against them.

No guess?

Starts with an Is and ends with a Real... ok maybe it's Rael, but when asking if the boogey man exists, I like my first spelling.. Yes, he Is Real. Call me an Anti-Semite if you want, but I got more than enough Jewish blood in me to laugh that shit off. This theory has nothing to do with the Evil Jew Caricature Straw Man and everything to do with a small group of very real and very very evil men who just happen to be Jewish. Men who also have caused so much pain and suffering on their own people that even the most radical of Arabs would tell them to knock it off.


Yes the Zionists. The survivors of the Pale of Settlement who were so fucked up by what they had endured that they were proud of it. Seeing that as a good thing they went on to create more "Only the best shall survive" situations for the rest of their race.

The rest is History. I just wanted to give you a place to start learning on your own. God knows I would never have believed it if someone had told me, but after time and time again coming to the same place, one realizes that the path is real. So go research it.

Now back to the 2nd Great Depression. The first one was caused by a drastic and nonconsenual shift from a 75% Agrarian Society to an Industrial Nation. The People did not want to collect in the cities and toil in factories. They wanted to live off the land and work what they owned. The dust bowl, primarily, (Did you see what God just did to us!!) and the economic machinations of the Industrialists at the time made those dreams impossible. The resulting era of America being dragged kicking and screaming into an Urban Industrial based society was what we refer to as the Great Depression. Not the week or two of middle management financiers learning that they really could not fly. Yes that's a metaphor and a description of actual avian events. I love duality.

Last time, no one took the time to enjoy the Swan Dive Competition. My advice to you is, "Grab an umbrella, a beer, a helmet and a seat. You can't buy a show like this. Not even for $700 billion dollars. When it is over, we have a lot of work to do. But none of it is gonna be mentioned on TV... Ever.


K9 said...

i enjoy your posts so much. did you see that hell pig resurfaced? he showed up at birds. feels like old times. grrrherhahahaha

Reverend X said...

Damn.. Everyone thought I was him to begin with.. lol. And he shows up when I do. Well, I'll take Helly's thought out hate spew over Troll's comic book angst any day. Least Helly has always put his fist and his brain behind his opinion. Not sayin either one works... ha ha, that's bait Hellpiggy.. Just sayin I prefer tested metal to words...

K9 said...

revvy it is working 95 % are against paulsons shakedown! who knows what these jerks are gonna do over the weekend when we cant see them.

as for the other matter: i am a fan of all of yall -trolly, helly and revvy.

American Hill BIlly said...

Good Bush,,I mean good god, I liked this post. The last paragraph got a chuckle, or more. I wish more people would crawl out of the "thinking box", and wake up. Truely a good informative post..

United In Peace And Freedom

K9 said...

where are you? fighting the MAN somewhere? go revvy

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