Sunday, September 07, 2008

A Brief Opinion on Cern and Doomsday

This Wednesday scientists will be firing up the Large Hadron Collider at Cern. If you do not know what this is... take a minute to familiarize yourself with it here. Sorry about that educational format, but she is solid on the science. Would have been a lot better if she had Crunk'd it, but you really can't expect nerds to know hip hop..

Now as I was saying, the LHC gets turned on this Wednesday. I have heard a lot about the dangers of tinkering in God's Playground. I do not, normally, weigh in on scientific discussions due to my opinion that there is no such thing as Scientific Opinion. Science is based on fact and the search for facts. True, thanks to modern day degradation of vocabulary, most people believe the word hypothesis to be synonymous with opinion, but that is not correct. An opinion is an arbitrary belief in something , where in an hypothesis is the projected outcome of an action, extrapolated from review of similar actions and deemed to be most likely based on current knowledge. See the difference? So, I find it very hard to argue Scientific issues. If both sides have done their work thoroughly, there should be no argument. Principles before Personalities. Dig?

That being said... "OMG it's the End of the World!!" or at least that is the argument you will hear coming from the many groups opposed to smashing little tiny things together at unbelievable velocity. Are they correct? Yes, but that has little to do with this. Can this machine, possibly, do the things they are warning us of? Yes, but that is no reason to stop the project. If, worst-case-scenario fears actually happen, it will not effect you, me or the human race anyways. It is a matter of competing dooms days. If a micro black hole was created, it would sink to the center of the gravity well and begin consuming matter at a constant rate. By the time it had consumed enough matter from this planet to be noticeable, any local denizens effected would be of the "radioactive slag eating" kind. We currently have a planet destroying chain reaction en route to the center of our gravity well. We call it Chernobyl 4. It is a ""China Syndrome" unstoppable chain reaction. It is just reacting at a much slower pace than anyone had thought a "China Syndrome" would.
We have time, it seems. As a matter of fact, it is very unlikely that that will bother the human race either. It is far more likely that the human race will be killed off by climate change, current US Foreign Policy or some "Damn fool thing in the Balkans". Yes, Corporatism, Brinkmanship and Bravado are still our top threats.
The LHC on the other hand, might actually give us enough of an understanding into the nature of things to save our asses from ourselves. So, if at any point you find yourself in an argument over the safety and sanity of the LHC, please remind everyone involved that their sudden concern for the well being of the race and the future of the planet is far too little and far too late to be anything but Hypocritical.
And to the Scientists hard at work at Cern, "Smash on, you beautiful little nerds! Smash on!!"


K9 said...

why don't YOU crunk it for us. grrrherhahhaha. im not doing my clients bidding today just in case its the end of the world - instead im making halloween shite to sell on my Etsy shoppe.

NO i am happy to report i have the entire adobe suite i purchased at the educational discount (1/3 the price shows you the gouge for full retail) while i was teaching at Emory this summer. so - i thank you for the offer. still wanna get the movie thing down like you do. we need to talk about it.

im way excited about the particle collider. smash on you crazy particles. i agree. no threat greater than the everyday el problemos you cite.

good to see you back. are you going to return to the former ettiquette of answering your comments? and not disappearing for a months at a time? i hope so.

thanks for the digs at SK9. i adore you. grrrherhaha

Nikita Marie said...

Hello Reverend X.....I would like it if you would send me a text message.... 2312689267 ... I often wonder how you are doing?