Monday, February 26, 2007

A Tale of Two Totally Different Types

During the Drowning of New Orleans, I learned that I had been dead wrong about a politician. Let me explain. Even though I voted for Al Gore, I never really liked him. I was just settling for the lesser evil. That was before I was forced to see the hand of real evil slap the life out of this country. Then 5 years later I found out about Al Gore and his self funded, not publicized rescue effort during the first days after Katrina hit the Gulf Coast and the Levees were blown to clear some prime real estate for development by the same criminal syndicate which had cleared so much in New York. A year and a half ago, I found out about this, wrote about it, and really learned something from it.

Well, I finally found some photos from Gore's heroic effort. Just to make it perfectly clear, I am going to also put some of Bush's best photo op pictures to compare them to. See if you can tell what it is that separates these two men. Which one would you rather have running this country?

There's Bush, 4 days into the disaster, having a friendly chat with his buddies. The helicopters and their crews, taken off of rescue operations, cleaned, polished and deployed as the backdrop for this photo op. This wasn't even an actual strategy meeting. Just a scripted photo op to appease the public audience and glorify our fearless leader.

Next is Gore, fighting to get a plane which he personally paid for, flew into "Hell" inside of and got back out of Hell twice with full loads of people who desperately needed a hero. For years I have heard people say ,

"Gore would have done the same." or "Like Gore would have done any better."

Well, it would appear that he is more than capable of outperforming the entire Federal Government when needed. And when I say outperformed, I mean physically, mentally and emotionally performed... Not to be mistaken with the performance of the Mime troupe we've been stuck with for 6 years. Gore is a bit stiff. Actually he is down right hard and tough, as a leader must be in times that call on them to step up and lead . There is nothing casual about heroism. There shouldn't be anything casual about the Leader of our Nation during Emergency or War. The job is too important to be guided by a PR firm.


warvigilent said...

you said it.gore has his faults like any other politician but he is still far better than bush.
did you see the sln sketch he was in where he was giving a stou if he were prez. but hey, forget the shouldas and couldas. gore was cheated but hes too far out to make a political comback even if the bush admin's scandles were blown wide open.

K9 said...


who do you like for 08 revvy?


Reverend X said...

Too early to say. I like Gore. He is electable, especially with his shiny new Oscar, but I don't know if he plans on running. Honestly, his not wanting the job makes him the only one qualified to do the job..

Of the runners, Obama. He has the charisma to get over any racial or stereotype problems in his way. Take a look at Fox News. Everytime they attack him their ratings go down. By the Convention, they will either off the air or have gone liberal. Of course, at this point I can't say wether or not he would be a good President, just a good candidate. Lemme look into his history for a bit and I'll get back to you on this.

infinitesimal said...

I thought Gore WAS out elected president!?

he is just doing his job...

excellent post.

Hey, I am looking for that JONES guy who has that website of news.

What is his name? I forget???/ Is is just David Jones?
Do you have the link?
Will you come and tell me it?
Do you know who I mean?

Is it David Jones?

It's driving me nuts, do you know who I mean?

Please tell me, OK?


infinitesimal said...

I mean:

"WAS OUR elected president"

Worried said...

I didn't know that about him. Thanks for the info.