Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Righteous have only one resposibility, Righteousness.

Mercy is always the most important thing to show your enemies. One can never be certain as to their own level of villainy. But a "no mercy for villains" policy does allow one to be assured of their being a villain. There is no increment of negative small enough to have a positive value. Our leaders say that we must adopt the ways and methods of our enemies in order to preserve our values and our lives. I ask why our lives deserve preservation now that our values are the same as the ones we kill others for having.

We have abandoned liberty out of fear that it may be taken from us.

We have criminalized freedom in order to protect freedom from the hypothetical assault that it might have faced from hypothetical entities who might possibly have the freedom to assault it, if allowed to act freely.

We have perverted and corrupted justice to ensure that those who might attempt to bring us to justice in order to pervert it or corrupt it, get to experience the full realization of their desired corruption.

And in all things, we have made it impossible for anyone else to take our freedom, liberty, and justice away from us. To make sure that no one can hurt us, we have killed ourselves. At last we have succeeded in totally eliminating any possibility of anyone doing us any harm. You cannot steal from an empty treasury or kill a dead man.

Death to all fanatics!!!

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Magenta said...

I realize that this might come as a surprise, there are those out there that might call you a fanatic.