Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Hurry Up and Wait Strategy of the Bail Out

Bail out. Bail out. Bait out. We had approve it. It was an emergency. Nothing could delay it, not reason, logic or democracy. One would expect that with such need, the implementation of said urgent salvation would be immediate or at the very least, a priority. So why is it that a month and a half later, they have yet to do anything with the money?
Because the bail out was a cleverly duplicit code named for the last action of rats on a doomed ship. Our economy, in theory, is a free market economy. In reality we have a command economy that is experiencing a premeditated murder- suicide. Our fiet currency is being drowned in a bath tub. How is that possible?

Well, at the onset of an economic downturn, the government allocated a market manipulative amount of money for the sole purpose of manipulating our economy. Investors have now waited for weeks for the allocated money to be divided and en route to its new beholden charity. No one will invest in anything until that money comes out of limbo and is used. There is no point in investing in anything so long as the major factor influencing profit or loss is governmental interference. Yes, the government knows what they are doing. No they are not doing anything to positively influence our economy. They are merely waving their bail out over the market like a voodoo totem. Every day they wait, the economy suffers more and becomes less likely to stabilize. Write and call you Senator and Representative and tell them that economic sabotage is treason. Do it today.


TROLL said...

You're a moron.

K9 said...

writing and calling doesnt work. you saw what happened! they turned the phones off and did what they were told to do. i wouldnt invest in anything other than solid ground and soon enough they will figure out how to steal property too. em domain...environmental hysteria. much more. come by the yard and pick up your christmas gift.

Reverend X said...

Invest in lead. It has the greatest resale value. $1 can get you a million or all your needs taken care of.