Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I Guess Nixon Really Wasn't a Crook... Comparatively.

At least he was trying to steal an Election. I can accept a person that gives in to the "Big Score" temptation. What I hate are the friggin' tweaker types. The petty theft. The shoplifting crap you'll never use. And most of all... The petty-cheap-rich thieves.

You know, the wealthy husband who throws a tip on the table, but once the wife looks away, he snags the $4 back. I know you've seen 'em. Somebody drops money in the store and their miser ass swoops instantly, then helps the person look for the "lost $5" for half an hour. Yeppers. I hate those people, don't you?

So, I guess that means that we hate Sarah Palin too!

Check it. Sarah Palin rang up over $20k jet setting her kids around with her. Sound like a good parent? Yeah, at first it does sound that way. She wanted her kids involved in her life. Too bad none of the places she went to had a damn thing for kids to do!

Basically, aside from her fraud-for-cheapness-retrograde-book-cooking, I have a problem with this whole scenario. There are two things in this world that I despise.

1)Child bearing for no reason other than to milk the Welfare system a little more.

2) Illegal Forced Child Labor. Especially when that slave labor is State Sanctioned.

Well, Palin is guilty of one of these two heinous acts. You decide which for yourself. Either she was dragging her kids, who had no business being there, all over the country on the Taxpayers dime. Just flying that First Class Welfare ticket with no plans on earning it, or she was forcing her poor Oliver Twistish children to travel long hours and endure that misery in order to use them to perform tasks and labor which she apparently thought to be beneath her well paid staff. Forced child labor. Children picking up the unwanted civic responsibilities and duties of the State. Even Sam Walton would despise her for that.

So, do you really want a Perpetual Welfare Mother/Child Abuser/ Petty Thief sworn in as our Leader? Sure all our leaders have been thieves and liars, but at least they knew how to think big!!


K9 said...

now for a guy who is a big picture thinker and observer...i cant see getting worked up over this. i mean, with sarah only her kids suffer. with all the BIG crooks - all the kids in generations to come will be morpheus' batteries running the engine of commerce for a broke ass debtor nation.

see ya at the terror dome buddy! grrrrrrrrrhahaheheha

Reverend X said...

It's Satire puppy,
Thought u could smell the sarcasm. Hell they all ride the clock and pad the accounts. I was just goin after her the way the Vast Right Wing Media Conspiracy has been pea shooting (mm pee might fit better) the left. It has gotten terribly terribly sad.

K9 said...

grrherhahaha. well im not the sharpest tool in the shed. but you knew that already. ;-)

Enemy of the Republic said...

Yeah, I won't hold it against Sarah that she wanted some family time on an Alaskan dime. But I do take issue with her saying that all these folks from Chicago--Obama, Wright, Ayers, aren't American because I'm from Chicago and I still have my passport. Oh, wait, Chicago hasn't seceded from the Union--well, it should!

TROLL said...

Why don't you just admit you have major homo crush on Obama and you've slavishly voted straight democrat your entire life?

Why this "independent" pose that anyone with an IQ above 100 knows is pure bullshit?

Is it because your handful of readers are morons?