Saturday, June 13, 2009

what I am up to at the moment...

Looking for an illustrator.. Asap.

Now to explain everything. My name is Andi West. I am the Executive Producer of Project 912. 912 is the world's first "Open Source, omni media sci fi franchise". I put that in quotes cuz we totally made up the description for what we are doing. We wouldn't have had to, but it has never been done before. I wanted to just call the whole thing "Nerdvana", but some of the nerds got all huffy and I can not watch grown men OD on albuterol while angrily fiddling with their pda's. So I gave in and we made up the "open source.. etc etc". Oh, I tangent a lot... sorry.

What Project 912 is right now...
9 websites
2 social networks
3 youtube pages
2 myspace profiles
1 facebook profile
3 blogger sites
a 10 episode web series
a ton of independent viral vids
an anthology of short stories
2 comic book series, one of which is desperately in need of an illustrator since mine went and got himself perished.
a couple film crews
a few celebrities
one brilliant Producer
one crazy tranny web designer

That about sums it up...

What Project 912 will be shortly after launching in mid July

A bi weekly webseries
2 comic book lines
an infinitely expanding fan created story world made up of viewer submitted vids, stories, pictures and whatever else anyone can think of.
An online RPG that runs concurrently with an ever growing wiki based plot bible and real world current events. The game will be free to play and have the possibility of earning a real money income if you are one of the top players. The game is free to play, but weapons, equipment and hirelings will cost $. the weapons and equipment will be purchasable via a buy in credit economy. Hirelings will be actual player characters. There will be no NPC's. As players gain power and wealth, they will be able to interact financially with each other. Either consensually as in hiring for services or non consensually as in stealing from, seizing, raiding and killing for stuff. The 912 Cyber World consists of 2 groups, the Human Resistance and the System. The System controls the government. The Resistance has the initiative. Neither side is forced to go against only the other group, There can be in fighting, backstabbing and all sorts of glorious scandal activity.

Ok, I don't know if that all makes any sense. The concept is so vast that I don't quite have a grasp on the whole thing yet and I have been working on this for a year as the entire IT department. To see the groundwork I have laid on the web, start at That is the Webseries page which will broadcast the episodes. Follow the cell phone/breadcrumb trail puzzle thingy through
and finally to

That is the main cyber world. The trail leaves out
and all the my-you-face-twit crap.

OK, so if u made it through all of that and looked at the attached promo poster for the comic. and you are interested in either helping me finish this one, working on the next 5 in the series or both, get back to me. I will then forward you the completed parts of the #1 issue, the story line and the storyboards of what is still needed. And we can talk pay. k?

Andi West

PS, We are also in negotiations for a TV series and possible Motion Picture deal. We seriously need to to learn how to set limits, but since that prolly won't happen any time soon, we are going for the brass ring anywhere we think there might be one!